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Save our History 

Save Utah's Flag!

A few state politicians are trying to rewrite Utah's history.

Help us fight back to save our flag!


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Why now?

A small number of politicians are attempting to change our century old state flag. The state legislature will vote on a new design (chosen by a 9 member state task force led by Governor Cox), Senate Bill 31, at the upcoming legislative session beginning in January. 


In the wake of attempts to revise American history, these politicians claim that they are "choosing a 21st century flag to represent us all." The new proposal will eliminate important symbols & dates from our flag. 


Our current state flag indeed represents us all. Most importantly it commemorates the sacrifices of our state founders, celebrating key dates such was 1847 when the first pioneers entered the  Salt Lake Valley. 


This effort to revise our history is also slated to cost the Utah taxpayer nearly half a million dollars. That's nearly the entire state income tax for 125 Utah families. ​It's time our politicians focus their time & efforts on the real issues affecting our state.  


Polls and surveys conducted on this issue show that the people of Utah are overwhelmingly against this change. 


The most important thing you can do to help this cause is contact your state representative and let them know you are against changing our historic flag! Spend a few moments to email or call them!


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